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Что у бринов под костюмом?
Я нашла только такую теорию:

While many races call the Breen cold blooded and heartless, some elements of this lie within their bodies which are in fact bloodless. This means that they required no form of central circulatory organ or heart. Some speculation made by xenologists believe that the Breen may be a silicon-based lifeform, but little evidence supports this theory.

The actual appearance of the species was that of walking sacs of ammonia and gelatin which are held together in freezing temperatures. If exposed to a Human based environment, this body structure simply boils and melts evaporates which was why they required their encounter suits. While they did possess a skeletal structure, there were no bodily organs except for eyes, ears, tongues, brain, a pair of lungs along with a layer of purple-blue layered skin which provided a level of tactile sense. Their nostrils provide them the capacity to filter oxygen but do not give them a sense of smell.

The internal structure of the Breen body consisted of layers of permeable chambers that were filled with gelatin which maintained a semi-solid state when in an extremely cold environment while it broke down when exposed temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above. The gelatin compound moves from one chamber to another where it transfers chemicals that are required for different functions such as digestion, reproduction or regeneration. Such an organism goes through similar patterns as Humans but lack the capacity to bleed. Any wounds simply seal up with a hard layer of gelatin which leaves a calcified scar unless it's treated with Breen medical techniques. (ST reference: Aliens, DS9 episode: "The Changing Face of Evil")

The concept of hot temperature causing the Breen body to evaporate may be an explanation as to why Skrain Dukat and Kira Nerys never reported on the Breen ppearance after they stole the costume of two Breen guards on Dozaria.

The brain structure was also notably different from Humans as it was separated into four lobes. This provides the race the capacity to protect themselves from the telepathic abilities of species like the Betazoids. (DS9 episode: "In Purgatory's Shadow", TNG episode: "The Loss")

Кто-нибудь знает что-нибудь еще или вообще задумывался об этом?
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